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Inside the Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire

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 Some of the images from the disaster are quite disturbing.


Inside the Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire

Almost 30 years have passed since that tragic Memorial Day weekend in 1977 when 167 patrons and employees lost their lives in the second-worst fire in night club history.


 After spending interview time with a long-time Club employee. I crafted this first-person narrative to give you the history of the Club and allow you to experience the hectic yet satisfying atmosphere of working at the "Showplace of the Nation."  The same perspective presents all the terror and tragedy of that horrid night as witnessed, literally, from inside the fire.

Through extensive research, I garnered the history of the area and the state and local politics leading up to the holocaust and its political, economic and personal aftermath.


The final section of the book presents the stories of other survivors as well as the grief suffered by parents and children of those who perished.


This book is a "must read" for those who would understand how such tragic events can happen.