Through the Eyes of Lincoln

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In keeping with the theme, the picture on the right is The Washington Monument as Lincoln saw it,  on the left, the difference in the color of the stone is still evident today. 

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 From his Springfield office, Lincoln had this view of the Illinois State Capitol


With so many books already in print, I made no effort to present the obvious, going instead  for obscure tidbits missing from most other works.  Like what, you ask?  Well, like the fact that when Lincoln went out to inspect Fort Stevens on the outskirts of DC while it was under attack by Confederate forces, it precipitated only the second time in American history that the Commander-in-Chief  was actually under enemy fire.

Why another book about Lincoln? I asked myself when I read that at the time (2009) there were some 6000 books on the subject.  Well, first,  no other author has ever had John Snell's photographs and I promise you they are spectacular!  Of the many chores associated with this book, the most difficult may very well have been deciding which photographs to display in the limited space I have here.

    Then I was lucky enough to find a document which had not seen the light of day in nearly 100 years.  Let me assure

 you that holding a document

signed by Lincoln is a unique

experience.    It's his reply to a

lawsuit accusing him of stealing

a small sum of money from his

father-in-law.  Honest Abe!

     In the clerk's office in the

county where Lincoln was born

I discovered a document showing

that Abe's father, Thomas, had been

appointed a "padroller," someone whose

duties included apprehending fugitive slaves to be returned to their owners. 

 The confluence of Knob Creek and the Rolling Fork of the Salt River is where the Lincolns departed KY for IN in 1816.


Through the Eyes of Lincoln

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